Love Me Or I'll Jump

by Justin Catanzaro

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released February 1, 2014

Love and Stuff Records 2013



all rights reserved


Justin Catanzaro Vacaville, California

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Track Name: Light at the End
These days is hard times, hard times so it seems
These days is hard times so it seems
But from what I have seen
And what hard times means
Ain’t a day go by hard times don’t seem to be

The flower that you planted in your back yard
Oh the flower in your yard baby girl
It may blossom and grow
But with the first falling snow
Ain’t nothing gonna stop its dying in this world

Well the river churns on to a stormy sea
The river runs to a stormy sea
And it will pass through the light
And it will pass through the night
The things gonna be are gonna be

Now listen to me

There may be light at the end of the tunnel
A choir of angels to sing the lord’s praise
There may be nothing at all beyond this world’s walls
Just remember that I love you today

Well I saw a blue bird crossing the sky
I saw that bird up in the sky
And I’ve sang this line
God knows how many times
If a man could but grow wings and fly

When you grow old will you think of me
Honey will you think of me
For when death comes to call
At the end of it all
I could bear to cross knowing I’m in your memory

The mountains may crumble and the seas burn
A great fire to lick up the seas
But then the world may turn
In constant rebirth
All but your lovin’s a matter beyond me

Now listen honey bee

Track Name: Song Around A Girl
I cut the breaks so many miles ago
And the way that I'm driving both of us should know

As we sail off towards those distant desert cliffs
both of us knowing we'd given the other the slip

And as I gaze upon your face your hair turns a golder red
All of sunset haloed round your head

And I think to myself you eyes are pools i could slip in
I could drown in the them, and be better off for it

But if I was to look for diamonds in the notches of your spine
To fathom the shape of beauty in myself i could not find
And if it was a mistake to look for loving from a friend
Then it was a mistake I'd gladly make again

I cut the line before you knew my name
Before I should become somebody to blame

Now your hand's on my knee, I'm white knuckling the wheel
Oh my god if that steering column could feel

You spoke of the sunset, all that deeper red and gold
While your mouth walked circles around my throat

Yet I will hold aloft your words wrought in lead
Better off lonesome than better off dead

Track Name: Crow Black Night
Crow Black Night

Your arms make a circle like the sun
Your hands a snare but I won’t run
We bathe our bloody bodies until we come undone
Counting scarecrows, well the crow black night will come
The lights on the marquee are out
The werewolf’s licking blood from his snout
Just an empty tank of gasoline to show for the miles we’ve run
And that crow black night still will come

I didn’t look and you didn’t care
Our selfish love was all that we found there
With your arm through mine, and mine around you
Tell me, what are two broken hearts to do

In the mirror I see a barking dog
Just begging to be let in from the fog
With my tail between my legs I will love you dear
Hold my breath and the night still is here

The leaves on the tree are turning red
Turning like pages in my head
Through the haze of cigarettes, coffee, and beer
Close my eyes and the night still is here


No needle in no vein could compare
To the tangle of my fingers in your hair
Close your eyes now darling lest the tears do run
Now the blackest of shadows we’ve become

Aloft in the tatters of our balloon
Together the most holy of buffoons
Close your eyes now darling lest we hit the ground
Now that crow black night has come down

Track Name: Beach Song
Beach Song

I waited all this time for you to come
I wasted so much life waiting on a song
And the manner in which it did come
Is not one I can lean on
And the woman for whom I should fall
Is the kind who doesn’t need me after all

Honey you’re something else it’s plain to see
But I won’t kid myself, no one will save me
Cause the ship that I came in on
Has turned to dust in the dawn
Let loose the hell in my head
Dive into the swell and die upon the sand

Maybe this is all that I need
Maybe this will be enough
All the sky above, and no record of my faults
Two fools in love, the ocean, and the salt

I spent the morning trying to drink my blues away
You spent the evening telling me it won’t always be this way
But the booze aint all it’s cracked up to be
My love has yet to lie to me
My heart can only hold so much
Maybe I’ll let go and let it go for once

Been some time building up resentment in me
One of these days I may return it to the sea
And the seagulls will sing a goodbye
As my mind falls into the sky
My soul will slip into that water
Drown in all that cold deep water
I will lie upon the oceans back
How can I come back after that?

Track Name: Reno
I am going up to reno find a girl to keep my bed warm
I am going on a bender, don’t know if this time I’ll make it home
I will leave you in the fields, on the death bed of the summer corn
I am going up to reno to break apart this heart of stone

I am flying down the highway, on the tail of an autumn storm
There is gasoline in my veins and razor wire over my bones
And the gears are spinning wildly, bloody tail lights on a raven road
I am going up to reno to loose my immortal soul

Oh my love
I will deny love

The sun makes me high, raises me up like Joan of Arc
And just like god’s lady, that same light will tear me apart
You say you’re feeble of mind, well babe I’m cold and aching in my heart
So don’t go up to reno just as the breaking starts

Though we’re close together, you swear that we’re worlds apart
But I’ve kept your bed warm, a fire burning on the hearth
You say that winter is broken, but sometimes death is a start
So don’t go up to Reno with anger in your heart

Oh my love
Be still my love
If you will my love
You are still the one I love

Well I know that your broken and baby I’m breaking apart
If you must go up to reno at least take me in your heart
Track Name: Lucky
I remember the tenderness on your breath
And the softness of your sweet and sliding tears

I still recall the curve of your breasts
As you stood there naked at the mirror

And all of those tender ghosts strewn across the room
The moments we held so tightly, well my grip, it slipped too soon

Won't you lower me down
To the welcoming arms of the ground
May your suspended heart never fall
Oh may I be so lucky
Next time around

I still see your almond eyes staring back into mine
Hear your body's melody, your heart keeping time

Ain't it strange how things may work, then suddenly they're gone
All the notes that you wrote, now they sing a different son

A rose will lose its luster, but the thorns will still remain
Well what can you do, when you're love is used through,
But try and look the other way

Track Name: Valerie
She’s a bitch and my queen, oh my sweet Valerie
The wrong one for me, oh my sweet Valerie
If I could sing all night, it still wouldn’t make it right
She’s the only one who knows where all the right wrong things grow


She’s an eyeful to see, oh my sweet Valerie
An armful to please, oh my sweet Valerie
If I could sing along, it’d still be a dirty song
I hate her when she’s here but how I miss her when she’s gone

And when I come home
She’s never alone
But when I’m away
I miss home every day

She makes torture seem sweet, oh Valerie
A labyrinth seem neat, oh my sweet Valerie
I’m loosing my head, and I wish I was dead
She won’t let me go but I love her even so